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High-Speed Satellite Internet

Internet service that’s out of this world.

If you live in a rural or less-populated area of the U.S., satellite internet from EarthLink is one of your best – and maybe your most reliable – internet service choices. While cable and fiber internet are typically limited to urban and suburban areas, satellite internet can connect almost anyone – especially those living in harder-to-reach places.

It’s perfect for staying connected to the things that matter most. EarthLink has partnered with the industry leader to ensure you get the best high-speed satellite internet, no matter where you live.

Satellite in orbit above Earth (and EarthLink customers)

Why Satellite Internet?

It’s more dependable and faster than other options.

EarthLink satellite internet, powered by Viasat, is a reliable option for homes that don’t have cable or fiber internet access. It’s even more available than DSL internet, which runs through telephone lines and can be limited to slower speeds. High-speed satellite internet uses a dish that’s installed on (or near) your home to send and receive information from a satellite in space — a process that takes less than a second.

EarthLink satellite internet for your home

You don’t have to wait for technology to come to you.
Satellite removes your reliance on internet service providers running cable or fiber to your residence. EarthLink Satellite internet is available to anyone, and offers speeds similar to DSL and some cable internet options.

Home satellite internet equipment can be leased or purchased.
While satellite internet requires installation of more equipment than other types of internet services, you have the option to lease or to buy it, offering you more flexibility.

High-speed satellite internet offers a reliable connection to stay on top of work, email, social media, and more — no matter where you live. What are you waiting for?

What Speeds Can I Get with EarthLink Satellite Internet?

Just like other types of internet connections, satellite internet speeds can vary. EarthLink satellite offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps. At 100 Mbps, you can stream in 4K on multiple devices, play multiplayer video games, and run up to 5 smart devices at a time.

While satellite internet speeds can be fairly fast, you’ll need to take the lag, or ping, time into consideration. Because the data you’re sending and receiving has to be routed through three dishes, the lag time is higher than with wired internet, or even fixed wireless internet. Generally, it’s only about a half-second delay, which is primarily only noticeable in fast-paced, online multiplayer games.

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How Does Satellite Internet Work?

To understand how home satellite internet works, let’s first take a look at how the internet works. Any time you visit a web page, you’re really seeing information that’s stored on a server in another location — not your own computer. And you’re able to access that information through your internet connection. For example, fiber internet delivers the internet this through glass strands in the ground, allowing your signal to travel back and forth very quickly between your device and the server.

For satellite internet, there are three dishes involved. There’s a dish on your home that communicates with a dish on the satellite in space, which in turn communicates with a large dish on the ground called a hub.

When you click on an email or go to a website, your computer sends a request through your dish, to the satellite’s dish, to the hub dish, which then sends it to the server on the ground through a wired connection. Then it reverses the process to display the data on your computer — all of this happens in less than a second.

Does Satellite Internet Have Data Caps?

Home satellite internet’s data caps depend on your plan. We have a variety of plans to choose from depending on where you live. On unlimited plans, you’ll never lose your internet access, but after a certain threshold, your data could be prioritized behind other customers when there’s network congestion. In other words, you’ll still be able to get online, but you’ll likely see slower speeds. Remember, generally, network congestion is highest in the evenings.

So what exactly is the threshold? Well, it depends on what plan you choose. EarthLink high-speed satellite internet offers plans ranging from 15 GB monthly data cap to 300 GB monthly data cap.

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