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High-Speed Internet for Your Home

Want better home internet? Looking to cut the cord and get the best high-speed internet in your area? With more coverage than any other U.S. internet service provider and with speeds up to 1 Gbps, EarthLink internet offers the right connection for your home. Switch to EarthLink Fiber Internet, and get a fast, reliable fiber-optic connection with no data caps from an internet provider you can trust.

At EarthLink, we believe in finding you the right connection — the right internet speeds at the right price. Depending on how you use the internet and where you live, the best connection type will vary. We’ve got four different options for residential internet — that’s why we can serve you best.

Fiber vs. Cable icon

Fiber Internet
The fastest speeds with no data caps and maximum reliability.

Wireless home internet icon (cell tower)

Wireless Home Internet
Faster speeds than your cell phone’s hotspot, wide availability, and easy installation.

DSL internet icon (phone lines)

DSL Internet
A reliable, dedicated connection to meet your essential internet needs — without data caps.

Satellite internet icon

Satellite Internet
A dependable choice for rural internet with a variety of plans to fit your needs.

Whatever plan fits your life, we’re committed to transparent pricing. That means you know exactly how much you’ll be paying, without any surprises. When your 12-month contract is up, you can lock in your rate for another 12 months or opt to pay month-to-month: whatever works best for you. Plus, any time you have questions you can easily reach our award-winning Customer Service team.

We know how important your high-speed internet service is to work, school, family — life! Keeping you connected is what we do, all day, every day. You can view our most popular plans below or find the perfect plan for you by calling 866-383-3080.


EarthLink Internet

Up to
1 Gbps

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EarthLink Internet

Up to
100 Mbps

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EarthLink Internet

Up to
50 Mbps

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What’s the Best Internet Speed for Me?

So how do you know what high-speed internet plan to choose? Take our speed test to learn what you’re currently getting, or ask yourself (and your family) a few questions, and compare your answers to our chart below.

  1. How many devices are in your home? The more devices connected to your network, the more speed you’ll need.
  2. What are you using the internet for? Activities like streaming, gaming, and video calls need more speed than checking email or scrolling on social media.
  3. How important is graphic quality? If you’re a graphics aficionado, you might shudder at the thought of watching a movie in standard definition. But SD uses less speed than HD, which uses less than 4K. Whatever quality you prefer, make sure your network can keep up.
  4. What activities are you doing at the same time? If you’re a multitasking master — or have multiple people in your house — you might be streaming a TV show, sending emails, and gaming all at the same time. The more data-heavy activities that are happening at the same time, the more speed your network needs to avoid bottlenecks and slowdowns.

Now that you know the answers, you can compare them to our handy chart.

25+ Mbps

The right residential high-speed internet service for 1-2 devices. Great for occasional streaming and gaming, photo sharing, and downloading music.

100+ Mbps

Amazing speed for up to 5 individual devices. Faster download speeds for streaming the latest shows, playing online, and sharing photos and listening to music.

500+ Mbps

Great for up to 12 devices. Remote school and working from home, rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, video conferencing, and more.

1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)

Created for unlimited devices. Rapid streaming, downloading large files, multiplayer gaming, music and photo sharing, and smart home devices.

If you don’t see a plan that feels like the perfect fit, call our Internet Experts to find the right connection for you.

EarthLink Business Internet

Looking for high-speed internet for your small business? We can help!

EarthLink Business Internet is built for small businesses who can’t miss a moment. With plans up to 1 Gbps and no data caps, there’s no limit to what you and your team can accomplish. Plus, all our plans also include free business listings on nearly a dozen of the most popular websites and directories, including Yelp and Google. Up-to-date listings make it easier for customers to find you and keep in touch — without you having to worry about it.

EarthLink’s high-speed business internet gives you:

Your team can rapidly download or upload files, easily participate in conference calls, work across all your devices, and more without missing a beat

Fiber is a more secure connection than other types of internet, but EarthLink also provides point-of-sale security, keeping you and your customers safer during every transaction

EarthLink Business Internet offers a dedicated, constant connection for your internet. Whether you’re checking your email in the middle of the night or collaborating with coworkers in different time zones, you’re covered

If you’re looking for more, we also have a whole suite of digital marketing tools to choose from. Need your logo updated? Or need to get your website updated or overhauled to be more user-friendly? We’ve got the talent to take care of it all, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Getting Started With EarthLink

EarthLink Internet comes with tons of benefits in addition to your great connection. Make sure you know everything that’s included free with your service.

EarthLink email is a secure and easy-to-use service that’s included with your internet plan. In fact, you can have up to 8 email addresses! Use them to organize your online communication or share with your family.

Do you have a side hustle you’d like to keep in one inbox? Need to keep essential personal information in one safe place? Do your kids need an email address for school?

With EarthLink, it’s easy! Plus, protection against viruses and spam is built in, keeping all your inboxes safer.

  • Enjoy convenient access — get your email from any computer or device, 24/7
  • Keep your contacts organized and access them any time with your address book
  • Stay safer with powerful virus and spam protection
  • Automatically import all your contacts from other email programs
  • Up to 8 addresses available to make organization a breeze

My EarthLink Portal

All our internet plans include your My EarthLink dashboard, a customizable homepage designed to enhance your browsing experience and keep you up to date with the news you care about.

From sports to stocks to trending headlines, the news is at your fingertips. Plus, search and weather are accessible on one page every time you open your browser. It’s that easy.

  • One easy-to-use page to simplify your browsing experience
  • Centralized news feed that brings all your interests together in one place
  • WebMail lets you preview recent messages sent to any of your EarthLink email addresses

EarthLink Support

Could you use a helping hand with your device or your internet connection? We’ve got your back.

From our online self-help support center to online chat to connecting with our Internet Experts on the phone, you can reach us however it’s most convenient for you.

  • Support Center: the fastest way to get all the information and help you need
  • Chat: get live help without having to pick up the phone
  • Phone: our friendly Internet Experts are at the other end of the phone ready to help

Need to update or view your information? Just head to the My Account portal. There, you can update, change, or add services any time.

Whether it’s editing your billing and contact information, changing a password, or more, it’s never been easier to keep your account up to date.

  • Edit your billing and contact information
  • Manage or add EarthLink services
  • Manage or add email addresses
  • Change your passwords
  • Check your order status

My EarthLink Mobile App

Everything is better on the app! The My EarthLink app lets you access email, manage your contacts, pay your bill and more — all on the go.

It’s available for free in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

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