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DSL Internet

A Reliable Internet Option for Everyone.

Digital subscriber line (DSL) internet delivers the speed, proven performance, and reliability that you need to stay connected to what matters. Get connected today with no internet data caps and transparent pricing with EarthLink.

Plans start at $39.95/month

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  • No Internet
    Data Caps
  • No Unnecessary
  • No Teaser Rates — Just the Best Deals
  • No Speed

When we say no teaser rates, we mean it. And when your initial 12-month contract ends, you can renew it to lock in that rate for another year. And, with us, you don’t have to bundle services you don’t need just to get a better price.

No matter what internet plan is best for you, you don’t have to worry about reaching a data cap limit — leading to slowdowns, shutoffs, or hefty fees. EarthLink DSL internet has no data caps. It’s internet unlimited.

Illustration of a woman using a desktop computer connected to EarthLink DSL internet.

Why EarthLink DSL Internet?

Because we know a connection matters. DSL internet is more reliable and more available than many other types of internet service. It’s also typically more affordable, since it uses existing, reliable infrastructure. DSL internet has 90% nationwide coverage and lower latency than other rural internet options, such as satellite.

Benefits of DSL Internet Service

DSL Internet is great for people who:

  • Prefer a wired connection
  • Don’t want to share speed with neighbors
  • Are located in more rural areas where fiber isn’t available yet

Plus, with EarthLink DSL, you get:

  • Internet without data caps
  • A 24/7 connection to the internet
  • Reliable access and speed
  • A plan that’s right for your household

DSL is reliable and has consistent speeds – two essential features of your home internet service.

What is DSL Internet?

DSL internet service is delivered through your telephone line through a dedicated pair of copper wires. That dedicated line means you don’t have to share your connection point with neighbors, so you won’t experience the network congestion that cable internet users often deal with. Oh, and you don’t need active phone service at your residence – you just need the line to be there.

DSL internet speed ranges from 1.5 to 15 Mbps, making it the ideal option for checking email, doing online research, casually gaming, or connecting with friends and family.

EarthLink’s DSL internet network is also 99.9% reliable — that’s pretty tough to beat.

What Speeds Can I Get with DSL Internet?

EarthLink DSL internet offers speeds between 1.5 and 15 Mbps download. While that’s slower than some satellite plans, it’s important to take latency times into account. Satellite internet has high latency, or ping times. That means there’s a delay between what you click and what you see next on the screen. The delay can last up to half a second and is more noticeable when you’re on video calls or online gaming. Because DSL is a wired connection, the latency is much lower, so depending on what you’re doing, it might actually feel faster.

Does DSL Internet Have a Dedicated Connection?

EarthLink DSL internet has a dedicated connection — it’s like your personal on-ramp to the web. Meanwhile, cable internet uses a shared connection, meaning that everyone from your apartment building or neighborhood is trying to use the same on-ramp to the internet. Speeds can quickly get bogged down during busy times.

And while historically those busy times have been during a usage peak in the evenings, internet usage overall is higher throughout the day than ever, so you could see slowdowns at any time.

So, no matter what the rest of your neighborhood is doing, with EarthLink DSL internet service you won’t experience a traffic jam.